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Still got curry on the brain. I was at our nearby mall the other day, stopped in here for lunch.


The other side of the door has the ramen sign (see here for a complete picture).

Fried eggplant curry caught my eye.

Fried Eggplant Curry

First the good news. The eggplant was almost perfectly cooked (deep-fried, they were a tiny bit oily), there were about six large pieces of eggplant. Now the not so good news. The “curry” was more like gravy. I like bits (small or large, doesn’t matter) of vegetables and sometimes meat in my Japanese curry, this one had none. The flavor was a little bland for me. Good thing the chili oil paste and pickled ginger (turnips?) were part of the condiments on the table.

Chili Oil Paste

Pickled Red Stuff

I think I used about a fourth of the chili oil paste and a third (or more) of the pickled stuff. I guess it was more about the eggplant than the curry.

Still, for the price, an okay lunch.


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