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Of Ramen and Curry

We ended up here for dinner over the weekend.


I’ve written about this place before. It was The Cat’s first time. The last time I was here, it was decent (socks stayed on).

The Cat wanted something light.

Chicken Vegetable Ramen

Croquette Curry Ramen Combo

I think I had something similar the last time.


With any meal purchase, you can order four pieces of gyoza for a dollar. A no brainer.

Hot Oil Paste

I’m not sure I posted about their hot oil paste before but this is the bomb. I’m not that experienced with all of the ramen shops in town but I really like this hot paste. Almost snuck the container out (heh heh).

May not be the greatest, but very decent, the price is also decent and fair (read cheap eats).

Looking back, the theme of the weekend was cheap eats.


The Mouse

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