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Noodles are Noodles

The Cat brought home some food (I’m not saying from where, to protect the guilty).

What The ???

Unidentified fish, one chicken foot, dried bamboo shoots, and black fungus. The combination is even too weird for me. My first reaction (after EWW!) was to toss it. The Cat, not wanting to waste food, said she would eat it. Eww again. After a visual, finger, and smell analysis, I came to the conclusion it was quite oily.

One possible way to use it quickly was to incorporate it with noodles. The noodles would help to absorb some of the oil and the broth would help to dilute the oil. Can you tell I’m not a fan of this?

I tried to find the noodles that The Cat likes (look funn) at the Korean market (I couldn’t make it to the Japanese market where I know they stock look funn). ┬áThe Korean market didn’t have look funn but had a package of these noodles.

Korean Noodles

What was interesting was that one of the ingredients was soy bean powder.


Figuring it was a close substitute, I decided to try a package. To also try to dilute the oil, I added one large Shanghai cabbage, chopped.

The Cat's Noodles

The Cat said the noodles tasted like the “overcooked” noodles she eats in Shanghai (to The Cat, “al dente” is a dirty word, it’s a textural thing). She liked the noodles and the greens. The other stuff, not so much.

On a side note, the oil slick that was left over in the pot was pretty massive. I imagine it could probably grease my car several times over. Oh well, on to happier eating.

The Korean noodles were a nice find.


The Mouse

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