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Chinese Lunch Buffet

I have a soft spot for buffets. It’s less about the quantity, more about the variety.  I also understand that the best food may not be sitting on a buffet line in steam tables. Although I like all buffets, it’s the  “cheap” ones that pique my interest. This place has offered a lunch buffet for as long as I can remember.


Careful how you pronounce the name, otherwise you could be accused of having a dirty mouth. 😉 I think the prices has gone up a bit, but still competitively priced for lunch.

Daily Lunch Buffet

Its been years since I had their lunch buffet. The selection hasn’t changed too much.

Steam Table

From upper left, egg drop soup, sweet sour pig feet, beef broccoli, mapo tofu, spicy eggplant, roast chicken, fried noodles, roast duck, steamed white rice, and fried rice.

Fried Selections

Breaded shrimp and fried chicken wings.

Almond Tofu and Tapioca Pudding

Most of the food was average, nothing to knock my socks off. However, the sweet sour pig feet, outstanding.

Sweet Sour Pig Feet, Chinese Style

The feet were cooked almost on the verge of being overcooked. Fall off the bone soft, all the flavor absorbed into the feet. Although the feet were good, the gravy was the best. Thick and sticky, a blend of porkiness, tart, and sweet. Almost orgasmic. Drool. The guy at the table next to mine poured the sauce over his rice and slurped without a care of who was listening. It was that good.

I’m not sure I would make this buffet a regular stop, but the pig feet itself is almost reason enough to try.

BTW, on the way out, I asked the owner if there was any difference  in  the menu to warrant the price increase on weekends. She said no. Boo. Better to go during the week.


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