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Bought this on a whim last month from our Japanese warehouse market.

Pork Adobo Fried Rice

I was curious, it was cheap. It’s not a regular feature at the market. I have a hunch it’s made from leftover rice and leftover adobosauce. Based on my assumptions, I wasn’t expecting much. It promptly ended up in our freezer and I forgot about it (senior moment), until last night. Warmed it up in our steamer.

Ready to Eat

Boy was I wrong. The sauce had bits of pork, and the sauce was rich and a little spicy. Porky, spicy, and cheap, what’s there not to like. I will definitely be on the lookout the next time I’m at the market. It’s not the typical fried rice I’m familiar with, but its become one of my favorites.

The next time, I’ll put a fried egg on top. Drool.


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