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Mini Mooncakes

The other day, I was watching “Despicable Me”. That’s the animated movie where two villains try to steal the moon by shrinking it. It’s one of the few movies that The Cat and I like together. The Cat likes the three orphans that turn one of the villains around, I like the little “minions” that round around.

Okay, enough of the movie review. I went to Chinatown this weekend to pick-up a rice cake for The Cat. In our opinion, the rice cake has to be eaten the same day, otherwise it gets “stale”. Anyway, in the display case of the shop were mini mooncakes. It was a sign. I bought two.

Mini Mooncakes

The one on the left has fruitcake-like filling, the one on the right is filled with lotus nuts. These “minis” are about one-fourth the size (and about one-fourth the cost) of regular mooncakes. Just enough for one person.

Fruitcake and Lotus Nut Filled

Both were very good.

Another sign was the wall hanging over my table for lunch.

A Sign

Can it get any more explicit? 😉


The Mouse

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