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We tried a relatively new Mexican restaurant for breakfast this past weekend.


I think the owners have a restaurant in town and run a lunch wagon (saw the truck across the street). I guess The Cat still has refried beans on her mind.

When we entered, the owner/chef was the only one inside. He seemed to be running around the kitchen either cleaning up or prepping. The owner came out to greet us, said he didn’t have a breakfast menu, and started telling us what he could offer for breakfast. All the dishes were in Spanish and our eyes started to glaze over (where’s the Star Trek translator when we need it).

The Cat ordered whatever is easiest with rice and beans. Good thinking, The Mouse followed.

Since this was another new restaurant for us, The Cat was taking in the “atmosphere”.


Interior, Detail

You Will Listen To My Voice

Tabletop Design

As more people came in, the poor guy seemed a bit overwhelmed. I got up got a pitcher of water and served everyone (had to make sure they knew I didn’t work there). 😛

After a short wait, our breakfast was served.

Breakfast, Chef's Choice

From left: Portuguese sausage, flour tortillas, fried eggs, green chile sauce, salad, Mexican rice, and refried beans.


Chile Sauce

Breakfast included a basket of chips and red chile sauce. My one “complaint” was I wish we were given some kind of “Mexican” meat instead of Portuguese sausage. Don’t get me wrong, I like Portuguese sausage, it’s just that I wanted to try something “authentic”. I kind of wanted a little more rice too (but that’s just me).

The chef said he learned all of his recipes from his mother. Everything tasted good. I think the two chile sauces were a little too spicy for The Cat, she kept drinking water. For me, the green sauce was just right, the red sauce was a bit too spicy for me too.

A very good experience.


The Mouse

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