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One of The Cat’s favorite soup noodle dishes is braised duck soup noodle. If anyone is interested, mine is won ton with vegetables (noodles optional).

Anyway, I was walking around our local strip mall the other day and came across this Vietnamese restaurantthat serves braised duck noodle soup.


This past weekend, we decided to give the restaurant a shot.

Sometimes when we try a new restaurant, The Cat wants to experience the “atmosphere” of a place. I guess I’m simple, just strap on the feed back and “let the games begin.” 😉

So okay, some of the decorations were interesting.


More Art

A lemon wedge in the water, a good sign.

Lemon Wedge

We can order now. Whew. The Cat ordered the braised duck soup noodle.

Braised Duck Soup Noodle

I ordered the combination phở.

Combination Pho

Sorry, the pictures are a little steamy (not that kind of steamy). The soups were hot.

The Cat thought her noodles were not bad (it didn’t knock her socks off). The soup didn’t have enough of the ingredients listed on the menu (goji berries for example). I wasn’t a bad dish, but it could’ve been better. My phởwas similar. While it was not bad, I thought the soup could have been richer. Thank goodness for the house made chili sauce on the table.

Chili Sauce

If The Cat had to choose, she still prefers the braised duck soup noodle from here.


The Cat feels the soup is richer and tastier. Good to try though.


The Mouse

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