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One blog that I check occasionally is all about sardines. A recent post, talks about the closing of the last operating plant in the United States. Very sad.

The Cat’s father was willing to try different and new foods and dishes. The Mouse’s father was less prone to do so. What he did teach me was to appreciate the little things.

Sardines was one of my father’s favorite foods. Some saltine or soda crackers, butter, bread and butter pickles, and a can of sardines and he was king of the world (he wasn’t too particular about brands, not that we had that many to choose from).

Recently, I had a bowl of brown rice, a can of fish steaks (Beach Cliff brand), and capers (I prefer my canned “sardines” with rice instead of crackers).

Brown Rice




Fish Steaks


To remember.

All the cans in our pantry were not packed in the United States. This can was packed in Poland. Sigh.

I’ll spare you what the finished dish looked like. To give you an idea, The Cat called it “cat food”. 😛

Happy belated father’s day dad. It also would have been his b-day in a few days, so happy b-day too.


The Mouse


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