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Refried Beans

Learned something new today.

I hadn’t really thought about refried beans much. The Cat was pretty ambivalent about them. Recently she went to a Mexican restaurant, and now she likes refried beans.

I always thought refried beans was hard to make (frying beans twice?). For me, even trying to warm up canned refried beans are a bit iffy (if the pot is too hot, the paste sticks).

On one of the cooking programs, refried beans were made (the host said even can beans could be used).



Okay, I can do this. One can of black beans, some lard (the program substituted olive oil and butter), a pinch of sugar, a dash of chili powder, and a sprinkle of Japanese style red pepper blend (shichimi tōgarashi). I didn’t say this was authentic, I said I could do this.

Heat beans through, add spices, mash with spoon or fork (whatever is handy at the time). Tah duh! Refried beans.

Refried Beans

To quote an insurance commercial (and an earlier commercial for dish detergent, I think), “easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Another notch in my cooking knife or dish in my quiver.

The refried beans accompanied left over fried rice, chicken feet soup, and vegetables. Talk about food without borders.

After doing a Wikipedia search for refried beans, I discover that the beans are not twice fried after all but a mistake in translation.

BTW, in keeping with the “live to eat, eat to live” theme …

High in Fiber

Very important for and The Cat and The Mouse’s digestive systems (especially in the morning, sorry TMI). 😛


The Mouse.

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