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An Investment Tip

Someone forwarded this investment tip to The Cat. Thought we’d pass it along (just in case).

Two friends met on the street.

Man One: Hi, how are you?

Man Two: Doing great! And how are you?

Man One: Oh, you know, my investments are up and down. Right now they’re kind of down. How are your investments?

Man Two: No investment but always making money.

Man One: How are you doing this?

Man Two: Brother, let me give you a tip. I don’t invest in the stock market, I make doufu!

Man One: Doufu?

Man Two: Yes! Market up or down, doufu is safe. On a good day, I make soft doufu. If the doufu comes out too soft, I sell doufu pudding (doufu hua). If the doufu is too thin, I sell doufu skin (doufu pi, or fu jook). If really not enough beans, I sell soy bean milk. If the doufu is too hard, I sell dried doufu (doufu gan). If the doufu starts to spoil, I sell stink doufu (chou doufu). No waste, never lose money, always make money.

Man One: Ah so!

We’ll be opening The Cat and Mouse doufu factory in the very near future (just kidding, maybe not).

Food for thought. Hope that brought a smile to you. 😉


The Mouse and The Cat

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