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Okay, more old pictures.

Back in November 2010, I posted that when The Cat was a kitten, she would look forward to getting an ice pop after her nap (see post here). The ice pop was dipped in sweetened red bean. One of The Cat’s friends was able to scan an old picture of The Cat and stone wall The Cat used to climb up to watch the process of purchasing an ice pop.

The Cat, Kitten Time

Cute ya? There are no known picture of the ice pop, The Cat ate it too fast. 😛

Oww! My ear got pulled.

You’re probably wondering how come The Cat looks kind of fluffy. The Cat’s grandmother made her clothes larger so that it would last a couple of seasons (The Cat had to grow into it).

Common Chinese mentality. The Mouse used to receive pants that were at least one size bigger (so that I could “grow” into them). Sigh.


The Mouse

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