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The Cat’s Father

You may not think this post is not related to food. In a way we think it does.

I think I mentioned this before, The Cat’s grandfather used to own a coffee shop and later an ice cream shop in Shanghai. I believe these events shaped the way The Cat’s father and The Cat view food. The Cat’s father was willing to try many different foods at least once. In some ways, The Cat is the same.

The Cat’s father (let’s just call him Baba Miao) used to make his own bread. You may not think this is so unusual, but he was one-hundred percent Chinese, and not from the north where wheat is the primary carbohydrate. The Cat said he also used to make his own Chinese moon cakes (no small feat). The Cat’s brother said that recently, there is a trend in Shanghai for people to go to restaurants and “make their own” moon cake at a “cake bar”. The Cat’s father was decades ahead of his time.

The Cat recently received many old pictures that The Cat’s father had stored away. One of The Cat’s friends offered to scan them to digital format for her.

The Cat's Father

He was a school teacher by profession and spent some time in Tibet teaching.


The Cat’s father is on the left. We’re not sure who the other guy is.

The Cat’s father was an avid photographer and calligrapher. During his time in Tibet, he was tasked to paint huge banners (think the movie Hero). As he got older, he hand lettered scrolls using the ancient calligraphy style (all the characters look very square).

An all around nice guy.

In A Park

Happy Father’s Day Baba Miao, we miss you.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

The Cat (As written by The Mouse)

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