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Grass Jelly and Mangoes

To say The Cat loves mangoes is an understatement.


However, I don’t think the feeling is mutual, mangoes kind of disagree with The Cat. She thinks mangoes and other tropical fruits may have too much something in them in the Qi sense.

For The Cat, not eating mangoes is not an option.

Peeled Mangoes

One food that seems to counteract the effect of mangoes is grass jelly.


It’s an acquired taste. Not so extreme as natto or stink doufu, but the jelly has a definite herbal taste to it. Small kid time we used to top it with maple syrup (maybe imitation), before eating it.

I’ve gotten used to the taste and actually kind of like it.

Grass Jelly

At least there is a remedy.

A little bit of mango, a little bit of grass jelly, and all is balanced in the world.


The Mouse

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