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If this were a tale of adventure and fantasy, this would be the final chapter in the trilogy (otherwise it may turn into an endless quest). Sorry spaced for a minute.

I posted here and here about The Cat’s search for the right B-day noodles. Our Aunty M wanted to take The Cat out for her B-day but we couldn’t sync up last week. So this past Sunday, we met Aunt M here for lunch. The restaurant recently started offering dim sum and Aunty M wanted to try.

This time, in ordering the noodles, we had to make sure it was right (e-mein, no meat, “dry” style). I think we drove the server a little batty.

Vegetable Mushroom E-Mein

But the third time’s the charm (deep exhale). There’s even little charred bits from the wok (or when the dragon hiccupped, whichever reality you prefer).

Since we were also here to try the dim sum …

Siu Mai

Har Gow

Bean Curd Wraps

And both Aunty M and The Cat like

Taro Gok

and… (the squeamish may want to close your eyes, for just a second).

Chicken Feet!

(Okay you can open your eyes now). The feet were very tasty, they just needed to be steamed a while longer (we took home the left over for further steaming). The Cat said the taro dumplings were one of the best she has eaten. They were filled with not just mashed taro and pork but mushrooms and Chinese parsley as well.

We added three vegetable dishes (for balance).

Cashew Vegetables

Think cashew nut chicken, without the chicken.

Eggplant and Ground Pork

See the little charred bits on the eggplant? The dragon hiccupped again. 😛

Chinese Chicken Salad

Aunty M had a coupon for free Chinese chicken salad. And no self-respecting Chinese would pass up a free offer (just kidding).

Family, laughter, too much food. A good time. Thanks Aunty M.

This noodle adventure comes to a close, but more food adventures await.


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