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Semi-Cheap Eats

Several posts ago, I mentioned that the entrance way to this restaurant looked somewhat familiar.


It’s because this restaurant and this restauranthave the same owner.


This past weekend, I was in Chinatown to pick-up a few groceries. Thought I’d stop here for lunch to show you what I was talking about.


And this is why I thought the two entrance ways had a similar “feel” to them. While they don’t look the same, both entrance ways look like you’re walking into someone’s house. I guess the set-up has something to do with feng-shui? Who knows.

Anyway, Chin’s has lunch specials, while not the cheapest of eats, the prices are reasonable.

Lunch Specials

More Lunch Specials

For the price of a plate lunch, you get a sit down meal and tea. The only down side is you need to deal with tipping. On this day, I ordered the pan-fried spring beans with chicken (includes rice).

Pan-Fried Spring Beans with Chicken

The only thing missing was a scoop of mac salad (just kidding). Don’t if you can see it but the sauce had a load of garlic in it (good thing I like garlic, keeps the vampires away). 😉

What did I buy at Chinatown? That’s another post.


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