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Food Gifts

When people find out I’m a food person, they give me food. While I’m appreciative of any gift people give me, food is good.

On the last trip to China, A’s brother, DD gave The Cat a package of almonds (at least I think they’re almonds).


The Cat calls ’em xiang fei zi (sorry, couldn’t find information on the web about them). The package contains at least twenty individually portioned packages.

Nom Nom Nom

The Cat said these are very high in nutrition.

To me, the flavor is a little salty/bitter. It’s an acquired taste. Once I acquired the taste, yum.

Our cousins gave us a bottle of mustard awhile ago. It’s their favorite.


In order to try the mustard, I bought a hot dog from here. It’s decent, it’s cheap, and I think it provides a good platform to showcase the mustard.

A Costco Dog with Mustard

The onions and relish provides the vegetable components. 😛

The mustard did not overpower the hot dog. Good choice.

Another friend brought back candy from Japan (far from the Fukushima area).

Japanese Candy

It wasn’t until I unwrapped it that I noticed it’s supposed to look like a bouquet of flowers, cute.

Candy Bouquet

There are four flavors in the package: grape, lemon, orange, and strawberry.


The candy is not as sweet as candy bought here (a good thing). The flavors taste more like the fruit they represent instead of just sugary sweets.

Belated Xie xie DD and family, belated thanks P & B, and domo arigato T.


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