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The Cat said that this past Tuesday was her b-day according to the Chinese calendar. And since, in her opinion, the Shanghai noodles from the other restaurant was a fail, she still wanted her e-mein. So we tried e-mein at the restaurant we originally planned to go to but got sidetracked due to The Cat’s schedule.


E-mein was an additional charge option to the noodle dishes listed on the menu (except for a special lobster e-mein dish). In other words, e-mein could be substituted for any of the stir-fried, crispy, or soup noodle dishes listed on the menu (two dollars extra). E-mein noodles was not listed as a dish unto itself. Not quite what The Cat had in mind. We were already here, we  went with the house special noodle (with e-mein).

House E-mein Noodles

I think in Chinese restaurant language “house special” means “everything but the kitchen sink.” There were a lot of ingredients (squid, chicken, char siu, shrimp, mushrooms, choi sum, and carrots to name a few). The Cat wanted a drier e-mein dish. This had a lot of gravy (even for me).

We also ordered a fish dish.

Fish Fillets with Vegetables

I don’t think we would have been able to tackle a whole fish. This was just right.

Last but not least.

Special Vegetarian Platter

I thought this was the best dish tonight. All the vegetables were done crispy soft with a very mild sauce. Excellent.

At the end, they gave us a complimentary dessert.

Almond Float

Light and refreshing.

Overall, the foods pretty good. Probably will come back to try more dishes (except for e-mein). Sigh. I think The Cat may be a relative of Morris the Cat (just kidding). 😛

The Cat has one last chance. Our Aunty M wants to take The Cat out for noodles this weekend. The search continues. Wish us luck.


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