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Forbidden Black Rice

I saw this at the market the other day.

Forbidden Black Rice

Since it was my first time trying the rice, I only bought enough for one serving to experiment.

A browse through the web did not turn up anything to indicate that the rice had to be cooked any special way. Lightly washed it, and steamed it like any other rice.

Steamed Forbidden Black Rice

The actual color turned out darker than the picture. I think the camera was trying to “correct” the color (oh well).

The rice had a slightly “different” taste than white rice. The black rice even tasted different from brown rice. A little nuttier and “earthier”.

What better to eat black rice with than with this.

Kuromame Takarani

It’s black soy beans, chestnuts, and seaweed in a salty sweet sauce. A better description (and historical reference) can be read here.

Sweetened Black Soy Beans

I thought the nuttiness of the rice went very well with the salty sweet beans.

Plus black on black, it was a very fashionable meal. 🙂


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