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This past Sunday, our friends Dr. T and R invited the Cat for brunch here.



Just in case you missed it the first time.

Luckily, I was invited too (otherwise there would be one extraordinary grumpy mouse in the world). Whew.

Brunch started off with a choice of juice. Both The Cat and I chose the cucumber, pineapple, and (I forgot the third) blend.


The restaurant has become Dr. T and R’s favorite brunch spot. I can see why.

"Fruits of the Sea"

From left: lobster tails, shrimp, crab claws, and oysters on the half shell. Ooh aah. So simple, and yet sooo good. At the end, I lost count on the number I consumed, let’s just say I was very happy, The Cat was too.


While I ate my fair share of sashimi, I kept going back to the lobster tails, crab claws, and oysters.

Other dishes that I had a taste of:

Spinach Tofu Salad


The lox and spinach salad went very well together.

Ahi Poke Musubi

The musubi was very good. The outside was sprinkled with sesame seeds then lightly grilled. I think the musubi is on of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

There was also carved to order prime rib and rack of lamb (sorry no picture of the lamb). My bad. The lamb was done perfectly.

Miso Butterfish

There was also bite sized nuggets of miso butterfish that was to die for. Melt in your mouth with just the right amount of seasoning. One of the best in town.

Other dishes that I didn’t have room for:

Assorted Nigiri Sushi

I think this may be the first time I didn’t eat any sushi from a buffet table (I was too busy with the lobster tails and crab claws).

French Toast

There was also omelets made to order, breakfast meats, potatoes, and more salads. All very worthy selections. However, today I was in my seafood box.

Sample of The Mouse's Plates

Another friend has a theory. The brains of women are composed of pieces of information that are all interconnected. The brains of men are composed of boxes that are not interconnected. That’s why men have a harder time multi-tasking. So, on Sunday, I was in the seafood box.

But I digress. Dr. T and R are following a no carbohydrates diet. During the brunch I was trying not to eat carbs to in a show of support, until the dessert (after all there are limits to solidarity, especially when it comes to food). 😛

Chocolate Fountain and Assorted Desserts

More Desserts

R said the chocolate bombs (lower right corner) were the bomb. The Cat liked the chocolate peanut butter “thingies” right above the chocolate bombs.

At the end of the brunch, Dr. T and R gave The Cat a box of these.


The brand is  endorsed by the Royal Warrant as chocolate manufacturers to Her Majesty The Queen. According to Dr. T, the truffles were served at the recent royal wedding. The Cat felt very royal.

In case you’re wondering why noodles in the previous post and brunch for this post?

H.B. to The Cat

Thanks to Dr. T and R for a most enjoyable meal. As always, good company, and good food, can it get any better?


The Mouse

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