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The Cat was in the mood for e-mein. We were going to try a Chinese restaurant on the windward side but The Cat’s schedule got mixed-up. So, we ended up here.


Based on the reviews, I wasn’t expecting too much.


The style of the entrance seemed vaguely familiar (I’ll get back to that at the end).

E-mein wasn’t listed on the menu. The Cat settled for Shanghai style noodles.

"Shanghai" Style Noodles

The taste of the noodles was off for The Cat (not the “Shanghai” taste). I thought it tasted like Cantonese style “chow fun” (kind of makes sense for a restaurant with “Canton” in its name). I didn’t mind it (but then again, I don’t have the taste reference).

String Beans With Ground Pork

This was pretty good. Not too much pork, still crispy, and just enough heat.

Since this place was new for us, The Cat let me order fried rice (“it’s for research). 😉

Fried Rice

The fried rice was dry style (which I prefer). A very decent offering.

Eggplant wasn’t listed on the menu. Instead, we tried the spinach with ground beef and egg.

Spinach with Ground Beef and Egg, Before Mixed

The owner saw our confusion and told one of the servers to show us how to mix it (you’re supposed to mix the egg with the hot gravy).

Spinach with Ground Beef and Egg, After Mixed

This went with the fried rice very well (think loco moco, Chinese style). I would definitely order this again, maybe with a large bowl of steamed rice).

Over all, in my opinion, the dishes were slightly under seasoned. Nothing the bowl of chili paste on the table couldn’t fix. 🙂

Chili Paste

The chili paste was a vinegary hot (for my taste), had to be careful.

Over all (except for the noodles, from The Cat’s perspective), a pleasant surprise.

BTW, why did the entrance look vaguely familiar? The restaurant is owned by the same people who own the Chin’s line of restaurants.


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