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A Chance Encounter

I was running some errands in Chinatown the other day and came across this sign.


Belonging to this place.


You might guess I’m a sucker for buffets. Let me rephrase, I’m a sucker for cheap buffets. Don’t get me wrong, I love all buffets. But cheap ones require less risk (both financially and in expectations).

Since it was lunch time and most plate lunches are similarly priced, I took a chance.

All You Can Eat!

Clockwise from top: brown rice (actually red cargo rice), chicken larb (or laab), fried chicken, sting beans with ground pork, and tom yum “soup”. There were no bowls for the soup so I could only get the ingredients. All the dishes were pretty good. I especially liked the fresh herbs in the chicken larb. The dishes were spicy enough without being too hot (just right for my taste buds).

I later found out restaurant belongs to this place.


No wonder, the place didn’t really feel like a restaurant, more like a community center. Over all, a good experience. Good food for a good cause.

If you’re wondering why I went to Chinatown, one was to look for a teacup I could take pictures of tea with (we usually drink tea out of the first cup or mug we grab). The tea shop at the mall sells nice tea cups in the double-digit range (out of my league). I found one in Chinatown for less than two dollars.

Tea Cup

I thought this cup is very photogenic.

The second was to pick-up a bottle of chili bamboo shoots for The Cat.

Bamboo Shoots in Chili

Usually, The Cat can’t handle spicy foods but this is one of her favorite condiments (one of the mysteries of life I guess).


The Mouse

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