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After making the Balsamic braised mushrooms (posted here), there remained quite a bit of sauce (the mushrooms give off lots of liquid). Not wanting to waste the sauce or the flavor, I re-purposed the sauce for other dishes. Warning, the pictures may not be so attractive, but the dishes were delicious (don’t judge a book by its cover).

Balsamic Braised Belly Pork

This was inspired by shoyu pork. Instead of the salty shoyu flavor, it was more of a sweet sour taste, which helped to cut the richness of the pork. A definite add to my growing list of dishes.

Balsamic Poached Egg

When I was a small kid, one of our neighbors prided himself in making pig feet in Chinese black vinegar (according to the neighbor, the dish is supposed to be good for women that just gave birth, but he made it anytime, for any occasion). After taking out the pig feet, he would poach eggs in the sauce for anyone that wanted. Big bowl of hot rice + the poached egg + some sauce (everything mixed together) = AWESOME!

My version also benefited from having the mushrooms contribute to the “umaminess”. 🙂


The Mouse

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