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The thunderstorms have subsided earlier this afternoon. We were supposed to have unstable weather for a few days. We’ll see.

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We’re experiencing severe thunderstorms right now. Our electricity is flickering. Updates may be affected. Wish us luck.

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This past weekend, we had lunch with one of our mentors here.


I guess we could have gone to any other Chinese restaurant, but we thought the atmosphere would be a little more conducive for conversation.

Our mentor, V, eats more vegetables.

Sautéed Eggplant with Mushroom

The eggplant was sautéed with bamboo shoots and black fungus, no mushrooms (must be a typo). Compared with eggplant dishes we’ve had at other restaurants, this one was okay. I thought the sauce was a little too thick.

Fried String Beans

We asked if they could prepare it dry fried style but they didn’t know what we were talking about. I think I mentioned before that the dry fried style is a Sichuan method which not too many restaurants here are adept at. They offered to prepare it without gravy (stir-fried with only oil and salt). The string beans turned out to be the high point of the meal. Still crispy, vibrant green, just enough salt, not too oily, extremely yum.

We also ordered some dim sum.

Sticky Rice w/Chicken in Lotus Leaf

This was also okay. For my taste, the sticky rice wasn’t sticky enough.

Vegetarian Roll

The Cat likes the vegetarian roll, I thought is was a little too “vegetarian” (just my opinion).

Roast Duck

I thought the duck tasted more smoked than roasted. It was actually pretty good, quite a bit of meat and quite tasty. There was also some roasted beans underneath the duck that was also pretty tasty.

For dessert, custard tarts and steamed sponge cake (they were out of many dessert items).

Custard Tarts

Steamed Sponge Cake

It was good to catch-up with V, the food was almost an afterthought, almost. The Cat and I agree, we would order the string beans again.


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