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An Unexpected Lunch

Unexpectedly met a friend, M, while I was doing some shopping. M suggested here for lunch.


She said they make the best kalbi. While waiting for her to finish shopping, I looked up the restaurant on Yelp (one of my frequently used phone app).

Since this was a new restaurant for me, I ordered one of their mixed plate to sample some of their offerings.

O-Bok Special Plate

One piece of big boned kalbi, one barbecued chicken, one bulgogi, one fried mandu, vegetables and rice.

Kalbi Plate

M ordered the kalbi plate (I didn’t know she was such a carnivore).

M was right, this is one of the best kalbi I’ve had so far. The rest of the food was good, but the kalbi was clearly the star of the show. The kalbi was not the typical thin sliced short rib. It’s the “big bone” style. Just the right amount of texture.

Thanks M, good choice. O-Bok is now on my list.


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