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I was at the Korean market the other day and bought a package of ingredients to prepare DIY Bibimbap There was enough for at least two servings (me and The Cat). Everything was already cooked and marinated. Just add rice and an optional fried egg.

Bibimbap Ingredients

Clockwise from top left, seasoned turnips, seasoned spinach, seasoned soy bean sprouts, ground beef, and seasoned fern shoots.

And then things got a little off-track. At another market, they had poi.


I don’t think the market gets enough supply of poi to fill the demand (they’re usually out when I stop in). I bought a container.

Eating weird combinations has rarely stopped me (just ask The Cat). So, The Cat had steamed rice with her vegetables and ground beef, and I ate my vegetables and meat with poi. The combination was very good. Almost, if not equal to, as good as with rice. Yum.

Poi is an acquired taste or texture to some, but remember, I also enjoy natto and stink doufu (I’m just saying).


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