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We seemed to have been on a vegetarian kick this past weekend. First there was carrot pancakes, a vegetarian lunch (see previous post), and now a vegetarian dinner. Excuse me while I go take my temperature (just kidding).

The Cat was in the mood for the egg omelette from here.

One of Our Go-To Places

I try not to post too many times about one place, but in this case, we ate something that we’ve not had before (it was suggested to us by our server). We ordered the egg omelette with green onions.

Egg Omelet with Green Onions

This dish seems so simple, and yet hard to master. It’s one of The Cat’s favorite dishes.

Stir-Fried String Beans, Salt Flavor

The dish on the menu is pork or beef with string beans. We first asked if they could prepare the dish “dry style” with no meat, the restaurant was confused. I think because the “dry style” is a Szechuan (orĀ Sichuan) method and the restaurant is primarily cooks in the Cantonese style, the method is unfamiliar. When the servers kind of understood what we wanted, they asked if we wanted oyster sauce. No. We finally compromised to stir-fried string beans only seasoned with salt. While it’s not the “dry” fried style, it’s still very good (see the vibrant green color?).

On this night, we tried to order stir-fried watercress in the same style as the string beans. For some reason, our server thought we had a bit too much sun. She suggested watercress with soft tofu (doufu). Hmm, something different. Okay, go for it. Again, no oyster sauce. Our server Daisy also offered the dishes with no MSG. Big yes!

Soft Tofu with Watercress

This was a surprise, pretty awesome. The texture contrast between the soft tofu and the crunchy watercress, wow. The creamy taste of the tofu kind of dampened the slightly bitter taste of the watercress. A definite entry on the permanent list. Thanks D.

Of course, all of this needed steamed white rice (no picture needed, I hope).

It started with carrot pancakes (posted previously), it continued with a vegetarian lunch, and the weekend ended with a vegetarian dinner (I’ll be attending vegetarians anonymous next week, just kidding).

A healthy weekend.


The Mouse

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