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For reasons only known to me, The Cat, and an anonymous special guest, we ended up here for lunch this past weekend.


A simple lunch. Both The Cat and our guest are more into vegetable than meat, and I’m okay with that.

E-Mein with Mushrooms and Vegetables

I have yet to figure out how to make this type of noodle dish. My noodles either come out too wet or too dry. Research continues.

Chinese Broccoli with Dried Flounder

The broccoli was perfectly done, crispy and tender. I think the dried flounder was deep fried just before serving (there’s a piece at the lower left corner of the picture). It’s a good thing my braces are off, it took a bit of chewing and gnawing.

Spicy Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Based on the description, the dish is supposed to have meat. I couldn’t detect any. Just as well, it wasn’t missed. Both The Cat and our guest loves eggplant. This was done really well. All the dishes were good but the eggplant was the high point of the meal (my opinion).

Sometimes, skipping meat can be just as satisfying (just sometimes), this was one of the times.

Tried a different place, good food, good company, everyone’s happy.


The Mouse

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