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Carrot Pancakes

While The Cat was still in jet-lag mode (sleeping). I had breakfast with my cousins and friends here.


I think we were always intimidated by the crowd and waiting, it was the first time for me.

The restaurant is supposed to be known for their pancakes, so pancakes it is. The menu selections has several pancake flavors I’m not familiar with (this should be interesting).

Lately, whenever I’m planning a new eating adventure, I try to search the web for clues of what to order, etc. This time around, I came upon this blogger’s posts (1) (2). The recommendation was for carrot pancakes. Sounds good to me.

Carrot Pancakes, Short Stack

I agree with the blogger’s opinion, the whipped cream cheese definitely put the pancakes over the top, and chopped walnuts would really blow my socks off.

My cousin ordered one corn pancake with blueberries, and one guava chiffon pancake. Both were also good but I’m sticking to the carrot pancakes.

Corn Pancake with Blueberries

Guava Chiffon Pancake

The corn pancake with blueberries was pretty good (there were bits of corn in the pancake), the guava chiffon was a little to dessert-y for me in the morning (just my opinion).

My other cousin raved about his lox egg Benedict.

Lox Egg Benedict with Homefries

Glad I tried here.


The Mouse

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