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Where Was The Cat?

From the previous post, you know The Cat went on an adventure. I don’t think we mentioned where she went. Can you guess by the pictures?



Hong Kong was The Cat’s first stop. She then went to Shanghai an a neighboring city.

The Cat’s grandfather once owned an American style coffee shop and ice cream shop in Shanghai. She was able to find the location (how neat is that).

Grandpa's Neighborhood

Former Ice Cream Shop Location

It’s now a “marriage shop”.

The Cat didn’t take many pictures of food. Either she took pictures of her hotel room, the bathrooms, forgot, or was halfway through eating before remembering. Sigh. This one needs much to learn hmm? 🙂

A few shots that could be salvaged.

Ham and Vegetable Roll

The roll is considered “new” Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Breakfast

Clockwise from top left, pan-fried dumplings, savory soft tofu, and baked char-siu pastry.

Dried Fish, Shanghai Style

The rest of the pictures were either blurry or half-eaten meals (we’ll spare you and your stomach the details).


The Cat (ghost written by The Mouse)

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