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Yesterday, The Cat came back from her adventure. The normal operating protocol when she returns is to have some zhou (either at home or at a restaurant), unpack, brush teeth, shower, tuck into bed, and sleep until next day.

After looking on the web for a bit, I decided on this place. Their average rating on Yelp is four stars. So off we go.


Plus the price was right.

The Right Price

The place was all full except for a large table in the back which we shared with two other parties.

Our selections.


Zhou with pork and preserved egg (The Cat’s first choice, which wasn’t listed would have been plain). Presentation in the clay pot was nice. A conversation started with two of our table mates, C and P, about what else? Food of course. We shared this pot of zhou with them (after sharing food, strangers become friends and family, it’s a universal law). 🙂

The rest of our selections.

Steamed Mochi Stuffed with Peanuts and Coconut

Peanut and Coconut Filling

The description of this dish sounded to us savory. In actuality, it was more of a dessert. Oh well.

Baked Char-Siu Bao

Bean Curd Wrapped Chicken

This was one of my favorite. It went well with this.

Chili Sauce

This sauce wasn’t extremely spicy. Just enough to make you take it seriously. I think there was some fermented black beans in it.

Fried Turnip Cakes

This was actually very good, one of my other favorite. Sometime the cake has too much starch in it and doesn’t taste like turnip. This one had chunks and strands of turnip with a distinct turnip taste. Yum.

Pumpkin Cakes

The Money Shot

More savory than sweet (a good thing). Think of veggie sliders (I think they would go great with beer, just my opinion).

We also ordered steamed rice cakes (one of The Cat’s favorites). But these were about a day old. Boo. Afterwards C told the better selections are steamed or fried. The cold selections may not be the freshest (she comes here often). She recommends the look funn plates. Something to try next time.

It was nice to meet other food people. One of the things we talked about was favorite comfort food. The Cat’s and C’s  is zhou. P’s is chicken curry and rice. Mine? Depends. Still thinking. Many possibilities.

As expected, we got home, The Cat unpacked, showered, brushed teeth, and tucked in for the night. Zzz.


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