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I’ve already posted about here and here. For me, the one that started it all is here.


When the chain first came to Hawai’i, I was so fascinated (watching the plates slowly revolve around the restaurant).

Where was I, oh yeah. This post will complete the trilogy of kaiten sushi restaurants on the island (correct me if I’m wrong).

These were my selections the other night.

Spam Musubi

Hot Dog and Egg Makizushi

You might think from the previous post that I had enough hot dogs for a while, uhm, no. Plus they were cute, at a certain angle, they look like video game mushrooms (trust me).


Inarizushi, little pockets of happiness. Big 🙂

Natto Gunkanmaki

Was there any doubt?

Spicy Tuna Gunkanmaki

Last, but not least,

Tamago Nigirizushi

If you read the previous posts, you’ll notice I ate similar dishes at the other conveyor belt sushi restaurants. The point being?


The Mouse

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