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Yesterday’s quest was about hot dogs. A couple of days ago, a cousin was talking about waffle dogs. Since then, waffle dogs were on my mind, thanks G. Waffle dogs used to be a specialty of this place until they closed. Sigh.

Anyway, I was browsing through the web and came across this article. Checked out the website and the menu confirms it’s a KC Waffle Dog. Had to check it out.


The owner said they bought one of the waffle irons when the restaurant closed Petals and Beans can use the KC name as long as they buy the batter from the KC family. Yay!

Blast from the Past

They even make chocolate peanut butter shakes, although the owner said it’s not the KC Drive Inn recipe.

The Waffle Dog!

Brings back memories. The edges are crispy and slightly sweet, kind of like a Chinese fortune cookie.

Nom Nom Yum

I remember the batter being thicker, but both are good.

One waffle dog does not make a meal (just a very satisfying snack).

The plan was that in about two hours to find this place.


They have a different hot dog specialty.

Hawaiian Style Hot Dog

I guess they use an all beef hot dog, otherwise it should be a hole-e-pig (hee hee).


Reminds me of a “pig in a blanket.” The bun is a sweet bread dough.

Nom, Part II

The hole-e-cow dog was three dollars, no tax. I think the cost of both “dogs” were less than some “gourmet” dogs (I’m just saying).

For me, neither “dogs” needed any type of condiments. Kind of like “small kid time” when things were simpler. Don’t get me wrong, on the rare occasion I eat a hot dog from one of the member big box warehouse stores, I load up on the onions, relish, etc., but these two were all about the hot dog and bun.

When I was growing up, I preferred hot dogs over hamburgers. Now I like both.

I can’t do this everyday. But this was fun.

Thanks for the memories.


The Mouse

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