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Just cleaning out the camera. Things that are not quite enough for a post on their own but worth looking at. 🙂

Our credit union was selling these crunch bars for charity.

Big Island Crunch Bar

Picked one up (it’s for charity).

Big Island Crunch Bar

It’s like eating a giant crispy rice bar (chocolate flavored and chocolate covered). Too bad it wasn’t dark chocolate.

A tasty treat and doing something (a little) good for the community.

A few plates while The Cat is away (it’s hard to cook for one, unless it’s peanut butter sandwiches).


Here’s the location.

Barbecue Short Ribs and Lemongrass Chicken

Now that my braces are off, I can gnaw on the bones (just thought you’d like to know).

Read about this place on Yelp.com.


Important Information

Ordered one of their combo plates.

Fish Jun and BBQ Chicken

Shoyu potato, tofu, burdock root, and egg omelet for sides. Enough for two meals.

Last, but not least.


Sorry, didn’t have my camera with me, the package substituted for the sign. The company is owned by a friend of a friend.

Pork Adobo, Pinakbet, and Kare-Kare

Pinakbet is like mixed vegetable stew, and Kare-Kare is beef stew in a peanut sauce. Another dish that lasted two meals.

A united nations selection of meals.


The Mouse

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