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Grilled Pork

I was out running errands yesterday around lunch time. I could’ve gone to one of my favorites places but then I wouldn’t have something to post about.


I was always curious about here.


Their colorful exterior certainly caught my eye.



According to some of the reviews on Yelp.com, the theme is supposed to be like a fish market.


Besides the wooden benches, they’ve wrapped plastic sake crates with cushions to be used as stools.

I had stopped by to look at their menu before deciding to go in.


There were one or two things that I could try, and the prices were decent. In addition, the salad and miso soup was serve yourself, all you can eat (heh heh).


Miso Soup

The salad consisted of greens with finely sliced onions and peppered corn on the side. Wakame seaweed and chopped green onions were on the side for the miso soup. Not a lot of variety, but I thought it was okay.

I ordered the grilled pork with miso.

Grilled Pork with Miso

The pork was very lean and the miso sauce could have been more assertive for my taste. Not bad though (imagine if belly pork was used instead, drool). 🙂 I liked the grilled cabbage that was included with the dish (it’s underneath the pork). My one complaint is the rice bowl was a bit on the smallish side. All in all pretty good (especially for the price).

For dessert, in honor of the restaurant’s theme, I ordered a taiyaki.


This tasted fresh made. It was my first time trying this pastry. I was missing out. Sigh. At three dollars for one, it was a bit expensive.

After coming home, I scanned some of the reviews on Yelp.com. I think most of the reviews were for dinner. I would personally rate them a little higher from my lunch experience.

I may even go back for lunch to try other dishes.


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