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No, you are not seeing double, do not adjust your computer. In continuing the search for onigiri and Spam musubi, today’s location is here.


At first I tried their Kapahulu location, but it was too “hole in the wall” even for me. Next, I tried their Koa Avenue (Waikiki) location, but one, couldn’t find parking, and two, couldn’t even find the location when I drove by. Sigh.

I ordered the “musubi” combo pack.

Musubi Combo Pack

Your choice of onigiri, one piece of boneless fried chicken, two smoked sausages, and a slice of egg omelet (Japanese style). I choose the mustard cabbage onigiri with multi-grained rice (since I was planning to consume it in the immediate future). The mustard cabbage was not normally seen as a selection in other shops.

All in all, pretty good. The mustard cabbage was interspersed through the onigiri. I think the chicken was warmed in the microwave (I heard a distinctive “ding”), but still pretty good. The omelet tasted a little watered down (oh well).

I also bought an order of coffee gelatin for dessert.

Coffee Gelatin

This was AWESOME! The flavor was almost too intense without being bitter, very smooth. I’m not a regular coffee drinker, tea is normally my choice. But I would detour just to get a container of this stuff (just my opinion).

Here’s another post by another blogger.

The search continues.


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