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Last night, I checked out a drum festival at our local community college.


Of all the instruments, drums are one of my favorite. Not only can you hear the sound but oftentimes feel it too.

Eisa Performers

These performers were getting ready to go on stage.

Taiko Drummers

In addition to the Eisa performers, Taiko performers took the stage as well.

Taiko Drummers

Here’s a better shot.

The plan was to pick-up dinner at the festival (see link above), but the food was in the cafeteria. It was so crowded, the people were packed liked sardines with no end in sight. I couldn’t even take pictures of the food. Sigh.

The alternative was here.


One of my favorite. First time for dinner though. Ordered the two dish teishoku dinner.

Hamburger Steak and Tonkatsu Teishoku

All of this food for one price, what a deal.

Hamburger Steak, Fried Egg, Demi-Glace Sauce

Tonkatsu, House Made Sauce

The hamburger is Japanese style, very fine ground, which is okay by me. If the whole dish was thrown on a big bowl of rice … loco moco! The tonkatsu was tender and juicy.

Fried Egg, Demi-Glace Sauce on Rice

You know I had to do this. Didn’t do a good job transferring the egg over to the rice, a little messy, tasted good anyway.

I missed out eating from a paper plate and some of the performances. That’s okay, the dinner more than made up for it. Food or drums, hmm, let me think about that. 😉

On a related unrelated note, just picked up my new pair of eyeglasses.

New Eyeglasses

I think it makes me look like an anime character or something. 🙂


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