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The Cat is on a short business trip. That means, I can eat whatever I want. Yay! That means … (wait for it) … Nattō!

Pack of Three

Picked this package up at the Japanese warehouse market yesterday. I’m not such a connoisseur to know the difference between packages, I just pick up whatever’s on sale or the cheapest. This package even has drawings of the beans in the top left corner. Cute yeah? I won’t show you a picture of the actual beans out of consideration for those whose stomachs are a bit squeamish (plus I think there’s a picture in a previous post somewhere).

I think I’ve mentioned this before but The Cat doesn’t like the smell of nattō. she thinks it smells like stink socks. Strange but she doesn’t mind the smell of stink doufu (go figure).

Anyway, while The Cat’s away, The Mouse will be eating nattō.

Enjoy (or not, it’s not for everyone).

The Mouse

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