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I’ve posted about this place before. Recently, they’ve opened a “sit down restaurant” in a renovated building that used to house a paper manufacturer.


Lately, The Cat doesn’t get enough vegetables on Saturday (or is it Caturday?). For dinner, I either try to cook lots of vegetables or find a place that has vegetable choices. If The Cat doesn’t eat enough vegetables during the day, The Cat’s stomach gets a little crank (sorry TMI). :-0

Last night, we tried the sit down version of Bangkok Chef. The menu is the same as take out except that the prices are a little higher. Understandable.

For The Cat’s veggies, we ordered the #16 (Pad Raumit) (Posted before).

#16 Pad Raumit

We also tried the #1 (Pad Thai).

#1 Pad Thai

For some interesting reasons Pad Thai is one of the national dishes of Thailand. You can read more about it here. The dish reminded me of “chow fun” from Chinese restaurants.

We added #10 Eggplant Chicken to the mix.

#10 Eggplant Chicken

It was a little hot for The Cat, I thought it was just enough to alert my taste buds. I would order this again, not sure about what The Cat thinks.

For dessert, we shared the House Delight (mango ice cream over sticky rice cooked in coconut milk, topped with crushed roasted peanuts).

House Delight

The mango ice cream was not overly sweet (a good thing) reminded me of rice pudding (in a good way). A definite item to order again.

There were too many people eating last night for me to take pictures of the interior. Another local blogger has some pictures here.

The restaurant is nice to take people to.  For me, I don’t mind eating out of Styrofoam containers and saving a bit of change. A good  experience though.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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