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Last week, I got a bento from a school fundraising event.


Clockwise from top left, sukiyaki beef, little smoked sausages, Spam musubi, a slice of tamagoyaki, three mini onigiri with assorted furikake, and chicken karaage.┬áLocally made bentos usually don’t have enough vegetables, if any. This makes sense since I think vegetables tend to spoil easier than prepared meats.

This bento also had too much rice for either The Cat or myself to eat alone.

Since we were going out for dinner that night, the bento was stored in the refrigerator until last night. I chopped up some Napa cabbage and stir-fried it with the meats. Since the meats were a bit salty already, I did not add any additional salt. I did add a pinch of sugar to make the dish more “Shanghai” in taste.

Stir-Fried Napa Cabbage with Bento Meats

What happened to the rice? I steamed the rice. The Cat got the mini onigiri.

Steamed Mini Onigiri

I got the Spam musubi.

Spam Musubi

One bento = dinner for two. Everyone is happy. ­čÖé


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