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Spicy Sesame Sauce

The last time I ate lunch with my cousins (see 20 April 2011 post), there was this house made spicy sauce that was intriguing. From the taste and responses from the restaurant staff, we were able to figure out possible ingredients: ground black sesame seeds, oil (not sesame), and chili.

The other night I tried to recreate the sauce. ground sesame seeds, ichimi tōgarashi, peanut oil, pinch of salt and sugar. Sorry did not measure, added until it felt right.

Spicy Sesame Sauce

On the left is the ichimi tōgarashi, on the right is the sesame grinder with black sesame seeds, in the middle, my take on spicy sesame sauce.

My version turned out spicier than the original but overall, I think I came pretty close. Hope P likes it.

Enjoy (accompanied by evil scientist laugh).

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