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Soup Dumplings

While waiting in line to get into another restaurant, the person next to me started up a conversation. Not to get into the details, she recommended here for xiao long bao.


Except for Shanghai, The Cat has always been disappointed with xiao long bao at other locations (xiao long bao is after all a Shanghai specialty). This past weekend, we tried the xiao long bao and other small bites (The Cat did not have high expectations).

Table Setting

The table setting was a positive sign, the sliced ginger is a traditional condiment (with black vinegar). Speaking of which, the condiment choices.


Ginger with Black Vinegar

The black vinegar reminds me of balsamic vinegar, a bit sweet and lower in acid.

It was later than our usual dinner time so decided to order on the lighter side.

Xiao Long Bao (4 Pieces)

Shrimp Fried Rice (Small Plate)

Won Ton Mein (Small Bowl)

Boiled Lettuce with Oyster Sauce

The Cat said the xiao long bao was one of the better ones outside of Shanghai. The wrapping contained the soup without breaking. The taste was okay. The fried rice was more Chinese style than local style (not bad). The won ton’s triangle shape reminded more of ravioli than won tons (I guess they were trying to be fancy).


All in all, the tastes weren’t bad, but the prices were kind of steep. Definitely not a spur of the moment place for us (read cheap eats).  The decor is not your typical chop suey joint (more upscale Japanese modern). The owners are Japanese.

The Cat had a giggle about the “seats” in the waiting area.


The Cat tried it out and deemed the seats too small for comfort, more for leaning against.

The bathroom was unremarkable except that they provided cotton swabs and mouthwash for patrons (more upscale touches, looking good and smelling good). 😉

Bathroom Amenities

On a side note, Based on the ancient calligraphy of their sign, The Cat said the spelling should be Jing Ding Lou (Jing as in Beijing, Ding is the ancient bronze vessels used in ritual ceremonies, and Lou is a pavilion). This concludes the history lesson, time to eat. 🙂


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