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Although it may not appear so today, for me, eating sardines was not a love at first taste kind of thing (I was more into canned salmon). At first, I thought they were too fishy and too oily. I’m not sure how I was introduced to canned fish steaks with green chilies, but it was these that helped acquire my taste for sardines.

Canned Fish Steaks with Green Chilies

A couple of years ago, I couldn’t find these on store shelves. Although I grew to like the regular sardines, and more recently sardines in tomato chili sauce, I was a bit saddened the green chili variety was no longer available, until now.

I saw them at the market recently and bought several cans.

Canned Fish Steaks with Green Chilies

They still taste the same. They’re best on soda crackers with a bit of butter or mayonnaise, they’re also good with rice too.

Welcome back.


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