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Lucky Day

I was walking around the Ward complexes today looking for somewhere to eat lunch (I was waiting for my mechanic to finish servicing my car). When lo and behold I run into my cousins P & B. They were waiting for their table here.


Lucky me, I got invited to lunch. 🙂

They ordered vegetable tan tan ramen, char siu ramen (extra vegetables, no noodles, and gyoza).

Vegetable Tan Tan Ramen

Char Siu Ramen, Extra Vegetables, No Noodles


I ordered the curry loco moco.

Curry Loco Moco

Hard to go wrong with hamburger, egg, gravy, and rice. I would have liked more carrots and maybe a few chunks of potato I like my curry to be chunky), but overall very good.

The char siu looked good. Maybe next time.

I forgot to take a picture of the hot sauce which I thought was very good. I think there is ground black sesame seeds, chili oil, and maybe soybean oil to dilute some of the heat. I may try to recreate it.

Thanks P&B.


The Mouse

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