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A post about some desserts we’ve had lately.

At Liu’s Chop Suey, I picked up some almond cookies for dessert (three for one dollar).

Almond Cookies

These were not bad. Not as flaky as other almond cookies (less crumbs) and very crispy.

While waiting for The Cat one day, I noticed a sign for petite desserts here.


Each piece is less than 200 calories.

Cake Pops

I picked up one tiramisu and one rocky road cake pop (the birthday cake was a little too pink for me).

Tiramisu Cake Pop

Cross Section

Rocky Road Cake Pop

Cross Section

These were actually pretty good, very sweet though, they would go very well with regular coffee. I think next time one per sitting is enough.

Last but not least, someone gave The Cat a box of peanut butter squares from here, and she brought home one for me to try.

Peanut Butter Square

This was also very good, light and crispy. Think if a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup merged with a Kit Kat Bar.


The Mouse

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