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One person left a comment that I should try the onigiri here.



I’ve tried a couple of times to come here, I’m usually too late and everything is sold out.

The other day, I drove by just after 11:00, thinking I was early enough and they were still almost sold out.

I bought one shiso and wakame onigiri and one tuna salad onigiri with mentaiko (everything else was sold out).

Shiso and Wakame Onigiri

Tuna Salad Onigiri with Mentaiko

Tuna Salad Onigiri with Mentaiko, Inner Shot

I also added a bean salad with miso and sesame dressing.

Green Beans with Miso and Sesame Dressing

Both onigiri were good. The shiso and wakame onigiri edged out the tuna salad onigiri with mentaiko by a bit.

After leaving Mana Bu’s, I bypassed here.


What possessed me to stop when I already bought lunch? I dunno. I’m glad I did. I found old-fashioned cone sushi.

Cone Sushi

Cone Sushi, Profile

Not sure if you can see them in the picture, but there are bits of carrots and green beans mixed in the rice. Apparently, cone sushi, a variation of inarizushi, is a Hawaii phenomenon (Hawaii’s gifts to the world, Spam musubi and cone sushi).

Also picked up an order of namasu.


Small kid time, I always liked cone sushi over the maki sushi.  Because the rice in the cone sushi was cooked in broth, it tasted better than the plain rice in the maki sushi. I also like the fried tofu that made the “cone.”

Two onigiri and one cone sushi, I was stuffed. Hopefully, the vinegar in the namasu helped aid digestion.  A very happy lunch. 🙂

Hopefully the next post will have some long-awaited news, stay tuned.


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