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Oh Happy Day

At first I was like


And then this happened




Let the eating begin!

Enjoy (you know I will)!

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Curry and Ramen

A ramen and curry shop opened in our area recently. It’s next door to one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants in the neighborhood (more about that in a separate post).


I think it’s so new, that the owners didn’t get the chance to update the website. Here’s a third-party website.

I was impressed with their condiment offerings.

Sauces and Condiments

I found it interesting there was no salt (substitute shoyu). There was two shaker containers, one filled with ground white pepper, and one filled with chili powder (the Japanese variety).

White Pepper and Chili Powder

I’m not such a noodle¬†aficionado to eat a whole order of ramen, never was. I usually order one of the combination choices to get some variety. Last night, I was in the mood for Japanese curry. I ordered their beef curry rice and ramen combo.

Beef Curry and Ramen Combo

Both servings were just right. The broth for the ramen was good, I don’t think they use too much MSG (I wasn’t too thirsty afterwards). The curry was on the mild side. What was very good was their hot miso paste from the condiment tray. I think it was a combination of the Korean doenjang (fermented bean paste) and the Japanese or Chinese chili oil. That paste was addicting. The taste was not spicy hot but more warm and earthy. Ended up putting the paste on the beef curry, the rice, and in the noodles. It was that good.

I also added a side order of potstickers (four pieces) for one dollar. I used the hot miso paste on the potstickers too. Yum.


Another shop that needs further research, especially that hot miso paste.


The Mouse

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