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This past Sunday, we felt a little adventurous. The dining out section of our local paper had an ad for this place.


Yelp.com mentioned that there were daily specials for under five dollars. We called to see if the specials were only for lunch. The daily specials are good all day. The pake in us took over. 😉

Daily Specials

This style of ordering worked for us. We got to try a variety of dishes at a good price, and got food and rice to take home (told you we were pake).

Pork Tomato on Rice

The regular order is beef tomato on rice but we asked to substitute pork for the beef which they were gracious to do.

Stuffed Eggplant on Rice

This by far was The Cat’s favorite. We had a little leftover that we took home and The Cat took it for lunch the next day.

Shrimp Omelet

The Cat also thought the shrimp omelet was well done.

Stuffed Bitter Melon on Rice

The Cat thought this dish was okay, not the greatest, I liked the black bean sauce.

Steamed Broccoli

Have to have some greens. 🙂

Three dishes under five dollars, two dishes a little over five dollars, tax, tip, and three almond cookies for dessert (for The Mouse), for about thirty dollars. Cheap eats indeed. Plus leftovers for another meal. Score!

When it comes to Chinese food here, it takes a lot to impress The Cat. For her to really like the eggplant must be something.

We didn’t see the daily special board on the way in, but as we were leaving, one of that day’s specials was taro with belly pork.

The Cat’s final assessment is that it’s not gourmet food (for her, nothing here compares to China), but well done home cooking.

I think we’ll be back for more research, The Cat approved a return visit. 🙂


The Mouse

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