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I’ve posted about sumac, shiso furikake, and black sesame seeds before.

Black Sesame Seeds, Shiso Furikake, and Sumac

I was in mad scientist (or is it Reese’s) mode recently and decided to blend them all together to make my own furikake/seasoning mix.

Black Sesame Seeds, Shiso Furikake, and Sumac

I mixed the three at a ratio of one shiso furikake to two sumac to two sesame seed. According to the nutrition label, one tablespoon of shiso furikake has 98% of the recommended daily intake for sodium. By mixing the shiso furikake with other ingredients, I hope I reduced the sodium. Now, I don’t usually consume one tablespoon of furikake in a day (it’s much less, more like a teaspoon), but the sodium level in the furikake is scary.

I like the addition of sumac and sesame seeds to the furikake. The taste is both familiar and different. And the added crunch of the sesame seeds is another bonus.

You may be asking why 5S? Sumac, Sesame Seeds, Shiso, (Shio (Salt), and Sugar (part of the furikake), all ingredients beginning with the letter S. Pretty cool yeah?

I’ll be mixing more of this.


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