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Like Buttah

At the start of this blog, I tried not to repeat about places or things I’ve tried. After a while though, there are things and places that bears repeating such as our neighborhood chop suey restaurant.

Another place is here (one more place where the staff knows me).

Hinone Mizunone, Hawaii Branch

Most Saturdays, I end up here for lunch. And most times I order their chicken karaage. Yesterday, I was running errands and stopped in for lunch just before 12:00. The restaurant runs daily specials that change each month and this month’s Friday special is garlic ahi belly. Sorry, but ahi belly takes precedence over chicken any day.

They had run out of ahi belly and were substituting ahi fillet (a good substitute).

Garlic Ahi Teishoku

The garlic ahi was flash fried (crispy on the outside and barely cooked on the inside). Like buttah. The meal includes two side dishes (hijiki salad and simmered eggplant), one pickle dish, miso soup, and rice. All this for $8.50, what a steal.

The manager said the ahi specials usually sell out within an hour.

On second thought, forget you read this post. This is not the ahi you’re looking for. Go about your business. Move along (just kidding, NOT). May the … (you know the rest).

Enjoy, but leave some for me. 😉

The Mouse

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